Psychometric Services

TANF clients referred for SLD (Specific Learning Disability) assessment will be:

  • Individually assessed using the Woodcock-Johnson IV tests of achievement (reading and math) and cognitive (general intellectual) abilities. Normative data are based on a single sample that was administered both the cognitive and the achievement tests. This creates a highly accurate and valid diagnostic system for evaluating ability/achievement discrepancies.

  • Provided, at time of testing, with comprehensive written report and joint-staffing explanation of the assessment results.

Kelvin Davis, MSW
Assistant Director
Psychometric and Advocacy Services
Eudene Turman, M. Ed.
Psychometrist/ GED Accommodations
Bobby Gabehart
Accommodations/ Advocacy Specialist
Jamie Reynolds-Hill
Advocacy Specialist
Doyle Davies, MS
L.D. Examiner
Advocacy Specialist
Shannon Vickers, MS
Advocacy/ Psychometrist/ Assessment Specialist


Assessment Specialist/ LD Examiner